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Special Welcome to BAR Members. Make Sure to Log In. You can use the login at the top right, or by clicking here. This gives you access to many features available that were not available before. You can comment on posts, Create Blog entries, Create Event Gallerys, and add Events to the calender. If you are a Run Chairman, you can add details about your Upcoming run. Only BAR MEMBERS will have access to add comments or elements to the website. Members will be issued an account on acceptance in to the club. Your Username is your FULL NAME, example "Ray Lenz". and a temp password will be assigned.

San Luis - 2014

BAR Christmas 2013

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Roadster Round-up 2013 images

The Roadster Round-up pictures are in! Just go to "Gallery" then click on the BAR Club Flickr section to view the images. I've also added images from this year's LA Roadster Show.

Roadster Roundup

LA Roadster Show

    New Website Launched!

    Updates being made weekly. Members can update and edit there own profile pages. Members can also Add Event Gallerys, and post blog posts! Plus Many new features!!

    Our 2012 Year End Review

    As The Club Cruises

    Well, another year has come and gone for the BAR, a year of good times, and unfortunately, some sad times.

    This year's highlights included the March meeting at Roy's shop, and we got a tour of John Mumford's car collection. What a sight to behold. Fords all over the place. Some restored, some hot-rodded, some un-restored... all cool.

    Next stop, Jim Holland's 80th Birthday Party in Jackson, Ca. What a time. Hard to believe I met him when he was 40. He hasn't changed a bit.

    Sid and Lori's run in May was a brunch in Paso Tiempo, and another car collection in Soquel....heavy cars. Then off to do what the BAR does best, wine tasting. Then another of the club's favorite pastimes...dinner. Food is everything.


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